We combine economic, ecological and social goals

We at Menzel are aware of our responsibility for future generations. By sustainability, we mean responsible corporate action in harmony with the environment and society. This includes using our technical expertise to avoid harmful effects on the environment and to provide good working conditions.

We want to create lasting values. For us, sustainable business includes an efficient production process and the development of resource-conserving products. This also ensures long-term economic success.

Our Products: Energy and resource efficient

Our machines and modules are designed for exceeding economy. The modular design of our durable plants reduces investments and saves space as well as resources. Menzel quality guarantees longevity, Menzel service the adaptation of your machines to new requirements, Menzel innovations the wise use of chemicals and materials - this contributes to your cost efficiency and our environment.

Sustainable practices

Sustainability is integrated into our daily office and production routine and is constantly being expanded. With many measures we protect the health of our employees and preserve the environment.