Wet Finishing

Quality you can see and feel. Menzel offers the optimal equipment for each of your processes and each production quantity. Our portfolio includes equipment for all processing stages of wet finishing: washing machines, bleaching machines, mercerizing machines and dyeing machines. Every single one of our modules is designed to ensure that you end up with flawless textile quality for first-class products.
We are also able to meet your very individual requirements: in the past, we have already realized customized systems with a fabric width of between 40 mm and 5,600 mm.

Washing Machines

A clean business. One of the first steps in textile finishing is washing or desizing the raw material. On Menzel washing systems, fiber preparations or sizing agents - indispensable for the process of weaving, knitting or warp knitting - are washed out of the textile. Whether cotton jersey for fashion or sportswear, elastic warp-knitted fabrics with or without Lycra for functional underwear or even textiles for the automotive industry, Menzel always offers the perfect washing solution.

Also as a unit for upholstery fabrics or as a component of a bleaching or mercerizing machine, Menzel open-width washing machines are always the backbone and essential element of any continuous textile finishing line.

Menzel offers a variety of individual solutions on the platform of classic washing systems such as roller skids, tower washing machines or screen drum washing machines for fabrics sensitive to tension. From woven fabrics to tulle, Menzel washing machines are always the first choice.

Washing Machine Compact Flow

MENZEL COMPACTFLOW small batch washer offers all the advantages of the large OPTISPLASH drum washer in a minimum of space: Two fully tension-controlled screen drum units with backfill, rotors and squeezing units. And all this on a length of only two meters.
Technische Zeichnung einer Waschanlage mit Einlauf, Waschkästen, Verweilaggregat und Wickler

OPTIWASH pressure afterwash

The washing machine for post-print washing with individual dwell units MEGALAX and OPTIDWELL. Alternatively, for combined processes the machine can be designed with OPTISTEAM KF for knitted fabrics.

Technische Zeichnung einer Waschanlage mit Einlauf, Waschkästen, Imprägnierkasten und Wickler

Washing Machine Combi

The Menzel combination washing plant with high-performance washing compartments and the OPTIPREG impregnation box. With this machine, common washing processes as well as hot and cold bleaching processes can be realized.

Washing machine knitted fabric

The Menzel knitted fabric washing machine with drum washing compartments for the treatment of delicate fabrics. It offers highest washing performance with low tension fabric guidance from unwinding to winding - ideal for your knitted fabric.

Technische Zeichnung einer Waschmaschine mit Verweilabteil

Washing machine with dwell compartment

The Menzel knitwear washing plant with OPTISPLASH drum washing compartments, supplemented by an additional dwell zone OPTIDWELL for the treatment of delicate fabrics. This unit offers highest washing performance with low tension fabric guidance of circular knitted fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, lace or fine woven fabrics - Perfect for your print or color rewash.

Bleaching Machines

Glacier White. With Menzel bleaching plants, we lay the foundation worldwide for economical textile finishing of materials made of cotton, linen, cotton / elastane and polyester / cotton. These qualities are processed, for example, into high-quality fashionable outerwear or workwear. Trouser fabrics, uniform fabrics, bed linen and fabrics for shirts are just as much a part of the production spectrum of a Menzel woven fabric bleaching plant as the finest table linen, damask or even satin. Menzel Maschinenfabrik even offers suitable knitwear bleaching plants for sensitive knitwear made of cotton.

Menzel bleaching plants are your guarantee for reproducible bleaching results and high productivity, even for delicate articles. Regardless of the application: continuous knitwear bleaching systems, single-stage and two-stage steaming bleaching systems for woven fabrics, pad-roll hot bleaching systems or even KKV bleaching systems. Maximum application systems, addition application or impregnation according to the exchange method, we provide the best possible solution that exactly fits your material.

We will be happy to advise you on the individual design and composition of your system, according to your needs.

Bleaching machine Pad Roll

Our discontinuous pad roll bleach plant was designed for smaller fabric quantities. It is characterized by a particularly compact design and combines boil-off and bleaching processes.

Bleaching machine OPTIBLEACH S

Menzel bleaching plants are designed individually to your requirements according to the modular system. The OPTIBLEACH S is a continuously operating wide bleaching plant. It was designed for small to medium fabric quantities and allows combined boiling off and bleaching up to a speed of 50 m/min.

Bleaching machine OPTIBLEACH M

The Menzel Optibleach M continuous wide bleaching line was designed for medium production quantities up to a speed of 70 m/min. Boiling-off and bleaching are combined in one step.

Bleaching machine OPTIBLEACH L

The Menzel Optibleach L is a continuous wide bleaching plant for large production quantities up to a speed of 100 m/min. Boil-off and bleaching take place in one step.

Bleaching machine OPTIBLEACH XL

The Menzel Optibleach XL is a continuous wide bleaching line for large production quantities up to speeds of 100 m/min. It is based on a two-stage bleaching process in which boiling-off and bleaching are carried out in separate steps one after the other. The result is pure white fabric qualities.

Bleaching machine OPTIBLEACH KF

Bleaching plant for the pretreatment of cotton and cotton blend knitted fabrics which are sensitive to tension and which are to be continuously desized, demineralized and bleached. The plant offers an additional benefit when used for color and print post-washing.

Mercerizing machines

Perfect gloss and high dye absorption. Menzel mercerizing lines set worldwide standards in the field of mercerizing high-quality textiles made of cotton, viscose, linen or cotton-polyester. The better dye absorption and the silky sheen give mercerized fabrics a more noble appearance. Menzel mercerizing lines are also highly automated via the OPTICONTROL process control system.

For all application processes, regardless of whether hot mercerizing, cold mercerizing, wet-on-wet mercerizing or dry-on-wet mercerizing, even for mercerizing shirting fabrics or delicate satins as well as jacquards; Menzel has the best solution for every application.

Menzel offers warp mercerizing units for mercerizing shirting fabrics, the classic roller mercerizing unit for flat woven fabrics as well as combined warp-roller mercerizing units. In addition, the Menzel Minimerc mercerizing machine is a solution for the mercerizing of small batches for woven fabrics.

Technische Zeichnung einer platzsparenden Mercerisieranlage für kleine Produktionsmengen

Mercerizing line Minimerc

Thanks to low investment costs and compact design, the Menzel MINIMERC is the ideal plant for economically mercerizing and stabilizing small and medium production quantities. Washing and neutralization are then carried out on a separate washing unit.
Technische Zeichnung einer Mercerisieranlage, Walzenmercerisierung

Mercerizing line Optimerc Chainless

In the roll mercerizing machine, the fabric is guided on large-dimension rolls. Mercerizing and stabilizing in the roll compartments as well as washing/neutralizing take place continuously in one pass.
Technische Zeichnung einer Mercerisieranlage, Kombination Kettenmercerisierung und Walzenmercerisierung

Mercerizing line Optimerc Combi

The OPTIMERC COMBI is a combined roller/warp mercerizing unit: in the mercerizing compartment, the fabric is guided in a bond over rollers, the stabilizing compartment consists of a warp field or a warp field and roller compartment. It is particularly suitable for mercerizing yarn-dyed fabric.

Technische Zeichnung einer Mercerisieranlage, Kettenmercerisierung

Mercerizing line Optimerc Chainmaster

The OPTIMERC CHAINMASTER is a classic chain mercerizing machine for mercerizing light fabrics prone to edge compression and repeat shifting. It guarantees high working speeds and perfect width control of the fabric.

Dyeing Machines

We add the splash of colour. A large proportion of the textiles finished worldwide are dyed continuously. The dyeing is always done in a combination of dye application and a dye fixation, be it by temperature in the thermosol process, by saturated steam in the pad-steam process or via the factor of time in the cold dwell process.

Menzel Maschinenbau offers the Opticolour S-roller dyeing foulard as the core element of a dyeing system. It is suitable for the application of reactive dyes, direct dyes, vat dyes, sulfur dyes or disperse dyes. In combination with state-of-the-art and high-precision dosing systems, the name Menzel stands for reproducibility and precision.

Our product range offers individual solutions for dyeing cotton or viscose with reactive dyes according to the KKV process for knitted and woven fabrics as well as complex pad steam dyeing systems for dyeing workwear, trouser fabrics or denim with vat dyes or sulfur dyes.

Dyeing machine KKV Opticolour

The KKV dyeing system (Pad Batch Dyeing) based on the Menzel dyeing foulard KKV OPTICOLOUR and the OptiDos dosing system is the solution for dyeing small and medium metragen.

Dyeing machine Pad Steam

The OPTIDYE WF is a pad-steam dyeing machine for woven fabrics, which stands for high production output with excellent fabric quality.

Dyeing machine Pad Dry

Continuous thermosol dyeing system with MENZEL OPTIDYE, infrared dryer and hotflue: Precisely controlled temperatures and synchronized dye application allow constant fixation of your dyes for brilliant results.

Aggregates and accessories for wet machines

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