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Bleaching line OPTIBLEACH M

We developed the OPTIBLEACH continuous bleaching lines to realize desizing and the boiling off or bleaching of woven fabrics in only one step. By using a cylinder dryer, the bleached fabric leaves the plant dry and is thus ready pre-treated for subsequent processes such as dyeing, printing or mercerizing.

The desizing wash before bleaching and the wash-out after bleaching are carried out in our proven OPTIWASH washing compartments.

The actual bleaching process takes place on the OPTIMAX high liquor applicator followed by the OPTISTEAM combination steamer. The Menzel OPTIMAX combines the high liquor dewatering as well as the bleaching liquor application in one unit. Process-controlled, high-precision dosing pumps ensure flexible adjustment of the chemical formulations.

Our modular system allows the size of the OPTIBLEACH to be individually adapted to your requirements in terms of production volume and speed. We have consistently relied on the use of stainless steel components in both fleet and non-fleet areas - this guarantees our customers high durability as well as reduced maintenance requirements!

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