Web Guiding

Guaranteed wrinkle-free. For the processing of textiles and nonwovens as well as in the film and paper industry, it is of crucial importance that webs are guided crease-free. With our decades of experience, we offer you the right web guiding element for every material.

Web Turning Devices

Turning devices are used to gently and precisely turn the running material in coating and finishing lines.

Spreader Rolls

Web guide for the textile, coating, paper and film industries. Suitable for both dry finishing and textile wet finishing.

Schnurbreithalter, über den als Bahnführungselement eine Folie geführt wird

Polyband expander

Our polyband expanders are versatile and flexible to use, especially for delicate materials, e.g. thin foils

Ausstellungsstück eines Lattenbreithalter mit Holzlatten, darüber eine Breitstreckwalze

Slat expander

Menzel slat expanders are used wherever textile fabrics have to be guided gently and without distortion.

Traversing rolls

Traversing rollers for materials with sulcer edges ensure through their oscillating movement that these fabrics can be wound up evenly.

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