Spreader rolls

MENZEL spreader rolls are based on decades of experience in web guiding for the textile, coating, paper and film industries. They are used in dry finishing and textile wet finishing wherever webs have to be guided without creases. When selecting the right roller for you, we take into account both the nature of the material and the conditions during the production process. In this way, Menzel guarantees the crease-free guidance of a wide variety of webs.

The spreading effect is achieved by guiding the web over the curved roll body. This can be a fixed curvature or a variable curvature that can be adjusted by the operator. Due to its shape, the spreader roll is also referred to as an arc roll.

Curved rollers are characterized by their stable design, particularly smooth running, abrasion-resistant rubber coverings and largely maintenance-free operation. Depending on the type of fabric, web tension and web speed, the wrap angle of the spreader rolls is in the range of 20° - 135°, the sheet height between 0.5 % - 2 % of the roll length. As standard, Menzel builds the rolls with a roll cover for temperatures of 100° C maximum. For higher temperatures or the use of chemicals, Menzel offers additional covers suitable for these requirements.

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