Fabric accumulators

Permanently productive. Menzel accumulators ensure continuous production. They synchronize the continuously running web of a production line with a winder operating discontinuously during reel change. In this way, Menzel accumulators prevent interruptions in process operation. In addition to productivity, the technical and optical quality of the fabric increases, as the undesirable fabric web stop is eliminated.

So far, we have realized fabric storage systems up to a width of 6,400 mm and offer the right fabric storage system design and size for a wide range of applications. See for yourself!

Roller accumulators

Menzel spindle accumulators guarantee you a very precise web run. Our chain accumulators are a more cost-effective alternative. The accumulator frames can be used either in upward or downward direction. Drive and control are operated by high-precision electric motors.

Chain Accumulator for Nonwoven

Menzel chain accumulator in combing design for easy fabric feed. The storage car is balanced with counterweights for low web tension.

Chain Accumulator for rigid film

Fabric accumulator with rollers in chrome-plated design. The chain accumulator was designed in a stable version for thermoforming sheets up to 3 mm thick.

chain Accumulator for narrow aluminum strips, capacity 300m

Accumulator with special stainless steel rollers with flanges for fabric guidance. Individual drives are used to move the storage car.

Fabric accumulator, spindle design for delicate nonwovens

Dynamic spindle accumulator as speed compensation for the roll change at an unwind.
Anlage mit Ein- und Auslauf und Warenspeicher mit Spindelführung

Spindle accumulator for glass fabric

The spindle accumulator can be designed both as a comb accumulator, with intermeshing rollers for easy drawing-in of the material web, and in a space-saving non-combing variant.

Fabric accumulator, spindle design with triple feed for airlaid

Fabric accumulator with 3-fold infeed in combing design for content increase in small space. Individual drives on the deflection rollers for web tension reduction. Deflection rollers with CFRP cover.

Accumulator for packaging straps

The chain-type accumulator is specially designed for storing narrow belts such as packaging straps or conveyor belts.

Narrow strip accumulator

The accumulator with multiple deflection on single roll was specially designed for narrow belts. This ensures a high accumulator capacity in a small installation space.

Fabric accumulator for geotextiles

This fabric accumulator at the outlet of a geotextile line with a fabric width of 6,400 mm is used for speed synchronization during reel change. It also has an integrated illuminated pusher surface.

J-Box accumulators

J-Box accumulators are preferably used for nonstop operation of wet finishing ranges. The complete scray including all guide rollers in stainless steel execution to be corrosion-resistant due to water and chemical impregnation of the fabric.


Stainless steel storage trough for knitted fabric, fabric inlet

Storage trough at the inlet of a knitted fabric washing machine, roller width 3,400 mm, for washing out spinning oils and washing digitally printed fabric. The roller of the A-frame is driven to stretch the highly elastic fabric to be unwound as little as possible.

Stainless steel storage trough for knitted fabric, fabric inlet

Storage trough in front of a continuous washing system to ensure non-stop operation during reel change at the inlet. A pull roller above the trough pulls the product from the bailer and conveys it into the trough.

J-box accumulator for woven fabric with bobbin winder at fabric outlet

Continuous fabric outlet at the end of a washing line, consisting of draw roll, storage trough and surface winder. A spreader roll is installed in front of the driven roll of the winder, which eliminates possible wrinkles in the fabric web before winding.

raised J-box accumulator, outlet for woven fabric, stainless steel

Fabric outlet of a continuous bleaching line in vertical design, where the storage trough is installed above the dock winder. This solution is often chosen when the length of a washing, bleaching, dyeing or mercerizing line is too long for the available installation space.

J-box accumulator fabric outlet

Storage trough for non-stop operation of a continuous wet finishing line. A MENZEL ROWATEX high-efficiency squeezing unit is installed upstream of the fabric outlet, with which the fabric is highly dewatered prior to winding.


J-Box accumulators inlet for denim

Fabric trough at the inlet of a denim finishing line. The trough is specially designed for heavy fabric qualities and has a larger capacity.

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