We create connections. Our laminating lines reliably laminate technical textiles, nonwovens and films to provide materials with outstanding properties or to protect them. This involves the production of textiles for functional clothing, nonwoven roofing underlayments, filtration and barrier materials, flooring and numerous special applications.
Our product range includes not only our own laminating units, but also complete lines including rewinding and unwinding, slitting equipment and handling devices. Depending on customer requirements, the laminating machines can be supplied from simple, manually operated equipment to fully automatic systems.

Laminating lines with roller lamination

With Menzel laminating machines your production is strengthened by reliable and long-lasting equipment. Various processes can be used for hot lamination with electrically operated or thermal oil heated rollers: direct lamination by melting the materials, lamination with adhesion promoters, such as melting powder, and hot embossing lamination using embossing rollers.

We also offer laminating processes based on hotmelt application, adhesive films or dispersion adhesives. When selecting the optimum laminating machine for our customers' individual requirements, we take into account both the nature of the material and the general conditions of your production.

Example layout of a roller laminating line

Laminating line with spray application of hotmelt for nonwovens

Universal laminating line with multiple unwinders and fully automatic rewinder in combination with or without fabric accumulator.

Laminating line with heated rollers for roofing underlays

The fully automatic laminating line is suitable for nonwoven, textile, film and paper. Continuous unwinding units enable a continuous flow of goods.

Laminating line for PTFE membranes and filter materials

The system enables direct high-temperature lamination at 400 °C without the use of adhesives or composite materials.

Laminating line for technical fabrics

Laminating line for insulating materials with glass fabric and solvent-based epoxy resin (explosion-proof version)

Laminating line for impact sound insulation material

Universal laminating machine for foils, metallized films, paper and non-woven materials.

Laminating line for sealing materials

Roller lamination for the production of inner lid seals

Laminating line Hotmelt laboratory line

Laboratory line with overhung winding stations for self-adhesive finishing of nonwovens.

Laminating lines with belt laminator

Menzel laminating lines with belt calender are the perfect solution for the production of multilayer composites made of nonwoven, textile, foil, aluminum foil, silicone foil (OPW Airbag) and paper. A heating roll with double shell construction ensures uniform temperature over the entire surface. The maximum fabric width is 3,600 mm. The fabric feed to the belt calender is carried out via our proven MENZEL web guiding elements, which thus ensure an ideal and crease-free feed. By means of supplementary aggregates you can, for example, apply dispersion adhesives to a substrate or activate already existing pre-coatings by IR heating fields.

Example layout of a belt laminating line for painting fleece

Example layout of a belt laminating line for insulation products

Belt laminating line for insulation products

This laminating line is used for the production of heat-reflecting insulating materials. Aluminum foil and metallized foils are applied to technical fabric (glass, aramid, etc.).

Belt laminating calender

Laminating line as a special version for OPW airbag fabric. For this purpose, silicone film is used for direct lamination on the airbag fabric.

Belt laminating line for technical products

Lamination of two different material webs with different properties by means of adhesive under variable pressure and required temperature.

Aggregates and accessories for laminating lines

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