Coating and Impregnation

Technical textiles are the market of the future. Geotextiles, airbags, tent tarpaulins, truck tarpaulins, banner materials, architectural membranes, bitumen-based self-adhesive membranes and various special technical textiles as well as films and nonwovens are coated on Menzel coating lines worldwide.
The coating technology and the dryer design are adapted to the respective product and process requirements. Coating can be carried out using both the dip process and the brush process. In addition, the customer can choose between a vertical and a horizontal design.

Inline Coating Machines

In most cases, the coating of grid-shaped materials for geotextiles and plaster reinforcement is carried out "inline" (or on online coating units). These are aggregates that are installed directly behind weaving or weft insertion machines. Without winding up the mesh, it is fed into the coating machine, where it is exposed to an adhesive. After passing through an infrared dryer, the mesh is rolled up. The purpose of this coating is primarily to make the grating resistant to displacement. The contact points of warp and weft threads are bonded and the mesh can no longer deform. Typical mesh materials are polyester, basalt and glass. The coating chemicals are often PVC, acrylate or bitumen.

Sample Layout Online Coating Raschel Machine

Inline Coating Weaving Machine

Online coating with fleece lamination behind a weaving machine with horizontal dryer: geogrids are also laminated with fleece so that the grid remains permeable to water but is impermeableb to sand, gravel and rubble.

Inline Coating Raschel Machine

This coating line behind a weft knitting machine is additionally equipped with a fabric accumulator for non-stop reel change on the winder as well as a slitting device for edge and center cuts.

Inline coating weaving machine fabric width 6.400 mm

In the field of geo-textiles, large material widths are required. Our online coating lines can be built up to grid widths of 6,400 mm.

Coating Lines

Menzel coating systems are used wherever web materials are to be coated or impregnated, for example with PVC, acrylic, dispersions, lacquers or adhesives. We offer individual system solutions for your production: From the basic system with one coating station to the complete system for double-sided coating in one pass, also in explosion proof design. In previous projects, we have already realized fabric widths of up to 5,600 mm, also as combined lines (vertical/horizontal) with winding machines and slitting machines.

Coanting line airbag

Airbag fabrics in widths of up to 3,400 mm are coated on these lines. In addition to the special design for flat fabrics, there are also special lines for OPW fabrics where the silicone film is coated or laminated.

Multifunctional coating line

Typical products manufactured on our multifunctional coating lines are tarpaulin materials, architectural membranes and other technical articles. These can be coated with PVC, silicone, acrylic and all pasty coating materials, for example.

vertical coating line

Used preferably for very wide products up to 5,450 mm fabric width. The combination of several vertical coating systems enables very efficient production of, for example, architectural membranes with PTFE coating, advertising banners with PVC coating or simultaneous multi-web production.

Coating line for flooring

The systems are tailored to the special requirements of the flooring sound insulation products and enable very high production speeds and a defined process even with coating weights of more than 5,000 g/m².

Membrane coating plant

This is a generic term for special equipment used to manufacture products for the automotive, environmental and pharmaceutical sectors. These lines are available in various designs and different coating systems in widths of up to 1,800 mm.

Beschichtungsanlage für Glasgittergewebe mit Warenspeicher, Trockner, Wickler und

Impregnation line for glass mesh fabric

Impregnation plant for the production of glass mesh for plaster reinforcement. Material widths of up to 3,200 mm can be processed on the line. The maximum production speed can be up to 80 m/min, depending on the product.

Finishing line for tire cord infrared circulating air 4,800 mm

Coating line with a fabric width of 4,800 mm with impregnating foulard , infrared pre-dryer and circulating air dryer and integrated cutting unit. At the end of the coating line, the fabric is edge-straight wound on a carrier roll winder with center drive.

Coating line PTFE

Typical products are PTFE conveyor belts, PTFE glass fabrics and technical products with PTFE coating. These plants are available in widths up to 4,800 mm, with a temperature of 430 °C in the high-temperature sintering zone and direct or indirect heating by means of gas burners or IR radiation.

coating systems

Whether coating machine or padder: we offer various output systems for impregnating and coating, which we design individually together with you.
Our coating machines with roller doctor blade or floating knife are used for coating textiles and technical textiles in front of a dryer. The coating medium is applied to the carrier fabric by the doctor blade, which can be precisely adjusted in angle and feed.

Coating machine with floating knife

The air knife coating machine is a unit for economical coating of web-shaped substrates made of textile, knitted fabric, film or nonwoven. The doctor bar can be designed with up to three doctor blades, depending on the version. Depending on the requirements, an explosion-proof version of the coating machine is available.

Coating machine floating knife

The precision coating machine is specially designed for coating technical textiles and airbag fabrics. Within the coating line, the coater can be used either as a high-precision roller doctor blade system or as an air knife, depending on the product-specific requirements. Optionally, a slot doctor blade can be integrated.

Coating machine for rubber blanket

For substrates with a structured surface, or for cotton blended fabrics, the coating process with driven-off blanket is suitable. In addition, all other coating processes can be integrated and used within a precision coating machine as required, also with automatic control of the coating weight in combination with a subsequent gravimetric measuring system.

Vertical Coating Machine

Vertical coating system for simultaneous coating on both sides, either as dip coating with identical coating recipe for both sides, or as special version with 2 separate paste templates, with the possibility to coat 2 different recipes at the same time, or only one side.

3-roll coating system

In the reverse roll coater, the coating layer is applied with high precision on an application roll and then transferred to the substrate. This coating process offers extremely high accuracy and is used, for example, in membrane coating systems in widths of 600-1,800 mm.

Coating unit with anilox rollers

Coatings are often applied in the thin-film process with coating weights from 10 g/m² wet application using anilox rollers. In this special design with a minimal coating feed and integrated doctor blade. This system is available in widths up to 3600 mm.

Impregnating unit for composites / prepregs

Special Padder model for impregnation with resin, explosion proof design. With two temperature-controlled and driven rollers, whereby the operating mode “impregnation pressure” and “impregnation gap” are optionally available for impregnation. All operating parameters are electronically monitored and reproducibly set and displayed via a visualization system. The impregnation basins could also be tempered if required, the positioning of the dip tank is done by electric motor.

Padder with rubberized rollers 4.800mm

Impregnating foulard for coating mesh fabrics on a coating line: With a roll width of 4,800 mm, compressive forces of up to 30 t can be applied between the nip rolls. For easy cleaning, the chemical trough can be moved out from under the impregnating foulard.

Adhesive application system

Multifunctional coating system for dispersion adhesives, here in a special version with integrated film unwinding as part of a Thermobelt - laminating line. The adhesive application system enables direct coating by means of a coating knife, as well as indirect coating by means of a meterable adhesive film on an application roller.

Padder for glass fabric finishing

Foulard in stainless steel design, special design plaster reinforcement mesh, with interchangeable trough for easy cleaning.

Stainless Steel Slope Padder

Slope padder for minimum application to the back of textile fabrics.

Impregnation bath for chlorine treatment

Impregnating bath for wool finishing, special version made of plastic and Hastelloy for aggressive media.


Our product range includes vertical and horizontal dryers, recirculating air dryers, pre-dryers and infrared dryers, each of which can be operated with gas, electricity or thermal oil. We offer our dryers in variable widths according to your requirements. We also pay special attention to energy efficiency in the design. For example, very uniform air distribution ensures high temperature consistency. In this way, energy consumption can be reduced and economic efficiency increased. 

Dryer: circulating air, gas heated indirectly

Conveyor dryer with horizontal or curved fabric guidance and separate circulating air for the top and bottom sides. Indirect heating by means of gas burner and heat exchanger, one temperature zone per section. The dryer length can be modularly adapted to the requirements.

Dryer: circulating air, directly gas heated

Compact continuous dryer in modular design, length adjustable as required, with horizontal fabric guidance and separately controlled circulating air for the top and bottom sides. Heating by gas burner, max. temperature 230 °C, one temperature zone per section. This dryer is also available with indirect thermal oil heating in explosion-proof design.

dryer: circulating air, Thermal oil-heated

Conveyor dryer in modular design, optionally also in EX version, with horizontal or curved fabric guidance and separate circulating air for the top and bottom side. Indirect heating by means of thermal oil and heat exchanger, max. temperature 220 °C, large-format doors on the operating side for access to the dryer interior.

vertical dryer: circulating air, gas heated indirectly

Indirectly gas-heated vertical dryer for the treatment of technical textiles.

vertical dryer: circulating air, Thermal oil-heated

Vertical dryer in modular design, typical drying distance 6 m, max. width 5,600 mm, with separate circulating air on both sides for the front and back. Indirect heating by means of thermal oil, max. temperature 220 °C, optionally also in EX design, or in high-temperature design with heating by means of gas burner, max. temperature 430 °C.

vertical dryer infrared electric

Drying is performed by fast reacting, medium wave infrared emitters positioned on the side of the web in a vertical dryer. A hood on the dryer allows the exhaust air to be collected and discharged. The deflection roller in the upper part of the dryer is water-cooled.

vertical dryer infrared gas-heated

Infrared dryer, directly gas-heated for temperatures up to 600 °C for fast drying in the textile dyeing process or the finishing of glass fabrics. Modular design allows the dryer capacity to be adapted to individual requirements.

dryer: infrared, Thermal oil-heated

Vertical IR dryer in modular design, drying without circulating air by IR heat radiation, indirect heating by means of thermal oil, max. temperature 220 °C, max. width 2,400 mm, with separate temperature control on both sides for front and back side, optionally also in explosion-proof design.

Dryer combination: infrared and circulating air

Conveyor dryer with arch-shaped fabric guidance, optionally also in explosion-proof design. Bottom side with heating plates and direct contact to the fabric, top side with adjustable circulating air. Heating by thermal oil, max. temperature 220 °C. Large-sized doors on the operating side for access to the dryer interior. The length of the dryer can be adjusted modularly according to the need.

Trockner als Teil einer Beschichtungsanlage

Condensing machine

Recirculating air dryer with a fabric capacity between 50 m to 100 m, version with direct gas heating. It is characterized by an extremely uniform air distribution as well as a high temperature constancy, so that a high economic efficiency is achieved during production. The dryer is available up to material widths of 3,200 mm.

Kondensationsmaschine mit geöffneter Tür mit Blick auf Walzen und durchgeführte Materialbahnen

Condensing machine with variable roller spacing

Indirect gas-fired hotflue with motor-adjustable roller spacing

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