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Technische Zeichnung einer Mercerisieranlage, Kettenmercerisierung
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The OPTIMERC CHAINMASTER is a classic chain mercerizing range for mercerizing light fabrics and fabrics sensitive to selvedge densification as well as pattern repeat shifting.

The range is used for shirting and densely woven fabric of hard twist yarn. At first the fabric is completely saturated with lye in an up and down impregnation unit, the result is a uniform shrinkage in warp and weft direction. The fabric is getting the necessary linear tension on a sky passage and afterwards is width-adjusted on the following mercerizing chain field with conic inlet. The basic range is equipped with horizontal clip chain. In the second part of the mercerizing range prior to passing over to the washing range, the fabric is lye-extracted and stabilized by pouring over with weak lye.

Menzel mercerizing ranges are compatible with lye recovery systems and thus result in a reduction of lye consumption as well as operating costs. OPTIMERC mercerizing ranges are fully automated due to the process control system OPTICONTROL and based on the online recorded set values as well as data of the lye management system.

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