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Heat exchanger ENERGYSAVE

With the Menzel heat exchanger of the ENERGYSAVE system, you can sustainably reduce your energy requirements and production costs with little effort.

Menzel heat exchangers are suitable for both continuous and discontinuous operation. They are used for heat recovery from textile wastewater. The hot waste water is cooled down to the prescribed temperature while the fresh water is heated at the same time. This means that significantly less fresh water has to be heated and your costs for hot water preparation are reduced.

Our heat exchangers are designed for contaminated, textile wastewater. They are made entirely of stainless steel and are therefore also suitable for aggressive media. In addition, they require little maintenance and no additional filter equipment is needed.

Due to the considerable increase in energy costs, it is also worthwhile for small and medium-sized companies to install a heat exchanger. Different sizes are available, so an individual adaptation to your existing operating conditions is possible. Due to the high effectiveness, the amortization period is less than one year, so that retrofitting of existing systems is also reasonable.

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