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Bleaching machine OPTIBLEACH XL

Our large, continuous bleaching plant - the Menzel OPTIBLEACH XL - is ideal for end products with light shades or pure white products such as bed linen, table linen or shirt fabrics.

On the line, desizing, scouring and bleaching of woven fabrics are realized in only one pass, but in three separate steps one after the other. By using a cylinder dryer, the pure white bleached fabric leaves the plant dry and is thus ready pre-treated for subsequent processes such as dyeing, printing or mercerizing.

The desizing wash before bleaching and the wash-out after boiling off/bleaching are carried out in our proven OPTIWASH washing compartments.

The actual boil-off and bleaching process takes place on two separate application systems and steamers, consisting of the OPTIMAX high liquor applicator and the OPTISTEAM combi steamer: The OPTIMAX combines high liquor dewatering and boil-off or bleaching liquor application in one unit. Process-controlled, high-precision dosing pumps ensure flexible adaptation of the chemical formulations.

In our OPTISTEAM combi steamer, the fabric is first guided over a roller table. Afterwards, the fabric is deposited on the proven MENZEL walking conveyor system. This reduces the risk of cross folds in the deposited fabric immensely. The internal steam saturation as well as an optimal temperature control lead to extremely uniform pretreatment effects.

In both fleet and non-fleet areas, we have consistently relied on the use of stainless steel components - this guarantees our customers high durability as well as reduced maintenance requirements!

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