Stainless steel blasting

Perfect surfaces

We perform surface finishing of your stainless steel and aluminum components by surface blasting with stainless steel balls. In our blasting cabin at the Bielefeld location, we naturally attach great importance to ferrite-free processing. In addition to the production and processing of stainless steel parts for general mechanical and plant engineering, we are also a competent partner for surface blasting of components for the process industry in East Westphalia.

Here, the smallest jet grains are hurled at high speed against the workpiece to be processed. In this way, in addition to increased fatigue strength, the corrosion resistance of the weld seams of your components can also be increased. The uniform matte surface also ensures a high-quality surface finish.

Ein Mitarbeiter mit Schutzmaske und Schutzkleidung bearbeitet die Oberfläche eines Bauteils mit Edelstahlstrahlen


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