Effectively wound. A-frames from Menzel are used wherever large rolls of textiles, film, nonwoven or other web-shaped materials need to be effectively wound, transported and temporarily stored. The use of the Menzel large reel system with A-frames serve to significantly reduce the production and logistics effort and the associated strong cost reduction.

Depending on the requirements, the winding roller of the batching carriages is available in different diameters, optionally as a painted roller, stainless steel roller or with special coatings. For example, winding stands with stainless steel roller are frequently used in textile wet finishing.

Furthermore, our A-frames have hinged bearings as required, into which suitable winding shafts with square can be easily and safely inserted.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, so that in the meantime more than 100,000 Menzel A-frames are in use worldwide. Let us convince you of our solutions.

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