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Mercerizing line Minimerc

The MENZEL - MINIMERC compact system has the same excellent mercerising effects as large continuous ranges. Although it needs little space, the machine has a high productivity.

In the process of mercerizing or causticfication and subsequent stabilization, the product passes through several stages.

The MENZEL-control allows a simple operation and an automatic run through of the different process stages. A conversion from mercerizing / leaching to stabilizing also takes place fully automatically in this course according to set recipe parameters.

Between the unwinding, the actual treatment unit and the winding, the fabric tension is infinitely variable, continuously monitored whilst being kept constant.

The entire fabric flow, from the unwinding to the winding batch, takes place in a tied guidance.

All current process types (hot and room temperature mercerizing) can be realised on the MENZEL - MINIMERC. Optionally, a lye cooling system can also be provided for cold mercerizing.

The MENZEL - MINIMERC can be used very flexibly. In addition, the investment costs and space requirements are considerably lower than with a conventional machine. The mercerising effect is flawless and enables economical working even with shorter metrages.

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