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Bleaching machine Pad Roll

The Menzel PAD FLEX Pad Roll pretreatment system uses one of the most proven discontinuous bleaching processes.

Do the requirements for absorbency, dye absorption and whiteness of the bleached cotton exceed the possibilities of a KKV bleaching machine? Is the available space for a steam-bleaching line too small or is such a large unit oversized for your lot lengths or entire production?

The Menzel PAD FLEX - bleaching system is an excellent solution for the pretreatment of smaller production quantities in top quality.

After saturating the raw material with bleach decoction or desizing liquor, the material is heated to the ideal reaction temperature by means of quick steamers. Subsequently, it is rolled up and dwelt at a defined humidity in a heatable and temperature-controlled portable dwell chamber. At the end of the bleaching process, the fabric is moved directly out of the chamber and washed out in a COMPACTFLOW small lot washer.

Menzel Pad Roll systems are fully automated, the liquor volume is minimal to be up to current standards. Even the dosing is automated precisely, resulting in less accumulated residual liquors.

The perfect interaction of highly accurate dosing, automation as well as temperature and process control allows chemical formulations to be significantly reduced with maximum flexibility. This applies regardless of whether you want to use hot bleaching, desizing, boiling off or hot stain removal.

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