Selvedge Winder

We offer various solutions for edge trim disposal. The edge trim winder and haul-offs are offered as a mobile device or a unit permanently mounted on the machine.

Edge trim removal

The edge trim removal is used at the cutting unit. The edge trim made of textile, film or nonwoven is taken off and fed directly to a disposal container.

Selvedge Winder ECO

Edge trim winder, permanently integrated in the main line for winding edge trims made of textile, film and nonwovens.

mobile selvedge winder with laying device

Mobile selvedge winder as a supplementary unit for winding selvedge sections of various materials or cords and tapes as a self-sufficient unit.

mobile selvedge winder with laying device and pendulum

The mobile and variable solution for optimal winding of edge strips made of textile, film and nonwoven.

edge trim removal

Edge trim extraction for efficient and controlled removal and disposal of edge trim material.

selvedge winder with laying device

Edge trim winder especially for wide webs and high line speeds as well as long winding cycles

Aggregates and accessories for winding

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