Special Winder

In addition to our wide range of winding machines for various applications, we have realized numerous special winders. We also respond individually to your special application.

Unwinding creel carbon fibers

This unwind creel for carbon fiber spools was specially made according to customer's requirements.

bushing winder

Winders for the production of bushings up to 1100 kV for the high voltage range

Insulation mat winding machine

Winders for glass wool insulation including a banding unit for the finished wound rolls.

Laying winder for narrow strip

Fully automatic traverse winding machine, the strip material is fixed automatically. Reel push-off and core feeding are also fully automatic.

winder for dimpled sheet

Winder for dimpled sheets and drainage material with slitters and fully automatic banding devices, suitable for sheets up to 4,600 mm

winder for switch rods

Winding machine for glass fabric for the production of preliminary products for high voltage switch rods.

Aggregates and accessories for winding

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