Support Roller Winder

We have already realized support roller winders up to 15 m width. This type of winder is often used to wind large and heavy rolls onto small core diameters. Here, the material roll rests with its full weight on the support rolls. Thus, there are no problems with deflection of winding shafts. Depending on the application and material type, the winders are used with or without fabric accumulators. Automatic roll change is possible in both cases.

support roller winder

Carrier roll winder WOB 5,600 mm for light nonwovens

Support roll winder with slitting unit for light nonwovens, inspection section, suction unit and automatic roll ejection.

Automatic support roll winder WOB 3,600 mm for nonwoven

Automatic cross-cutting, roll ejection and application of the beginning of the material to new prepared sleeve.

Support roller winder Raschel machine for geogrid coating

Winder behind coating machine, with pneumatic load adjustment of the support roller

Support roller winder weaving machine

Winder with automatic ejector roller in reinforced version for technical textiles.

Support Roller winder with center drive

WOB 5,600 mm support roller winder for geofabric

Fully automatic carrier roll winder for geotextile with a width of up to 5,600 mm and a production speed of 80 m/min.

WOB 8,100 mm support roller winder for landfill film

Winder for landfill film up to 8,100 mm width as well as folded film, with automatic cross cutter and stapler device for fastening the beginning of the material.

Support roller winder for fiber glass mat

Carrier roll winder with automatic winding shaft handling as well as cross cutter and hot melt device for roll change.

Aggregates and accessories for winding

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