Turret winder

In a continuous manufacturing process, the line cannot be stopped during reel change. Turret winders are then used for this application. These enable a roll change at full production speed.

Turret winder with fixed winding shaft

Short roll turret winder for PVC

3-position turret winder for fast roll changes including roll unloading via driven conveyor belt.

Turret winder for folded fleece

Automatic turret winder for the reliable winding of doubled nonwovens for nonwoven early bed covers 

Turret winder for cotton fleece

Turret winder with slitting device including automatic unloading trolley.

Turret winder for films

The fully automatic swivel winder with contact roller and sensitive web tension control enables straight-edge winding.

Turret winder with removable winding shaft

Turret winder for glass mat

Turret winder for high web tension with automatic cross cutting unit to prepared cores.

Turret winder for nonwoven

2-position turret winder for widths up to 4,000 mm and high speeds up to 200 m /min with automatic folding bearing

Reversing winder for technical fabrics

Turret winder for weaving beams with inner square and extra wide fabric up to 5,600 mm

Turret unwinder for nonwoven

Unwinder with lifting device and driven winding station for manual roll change.

Turret winder for nonwoven

Turret winder with support arm and circular knife for automatic change to prepared cardboard core. Slitting device

Turret unwinder for nonwoven

Turret unwinder with braked winding point

Turret winder for glass mat

3-position turret winder for quick roll changes

Turret winder for composites

Turret winder with connecting station, reel change by forklift or crane

Turret winder for nonwoven with lifting device

Turret winder with contact and gap winding at the outlet of a laboratory plant

Aggregates and accessories for winding

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